Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Exploring with Bianca

Well, where the hell have I been then - and yes if you were wondering, yes I have mangaed to use my powers of persuasion and entice the lovely big and bubbly Bianca to enjoy a meander through the Worlds more Esoteric spots and to pick my spots too if she so desires, and that is the least of my worries her desires - because we have been lurching from one watering hole to another in an attempt to drink Spain dry and then - in this last week of non communication - I have been too bladdered to type folks - we went back to Italy - tried Sardines in Sardinia and wandered in very hot temperatures where the Aga Khan jet set partied in the sixties on the beutiful Emerald Coast and we even had ime for a spot of snorkelling in between bouts of desperatebeer drinking in bars with AC Milan fans. OOH by eck this girl can put away a truck load of booze, and she likes her sandwiches too - cheese and pickle mainly. She is nce though and she has been very kind and generous - even buying a round in Cagliari when I had completely forgotten where my wallet was - and bought me a screwdriver to repair my plug adapter thingy which I had bust by ripping out of the wall (and damaging some local property in Olbia). Still, it has been nice - and now we have ended up in Sicily of all places - Palermo - and I have my feet up with a big bottle of cheap lager and I am now ordering Bianca to write something - here she comes .... Hello world - and MUM !! I've copped a right wanker here - but he's got me to leave a right bunch of tosspots in Seville so I am glad for him to be in the right place at the right time and he does own a male dongle - so I shouldnt complain and he aint too demanding if you know waht I mean. Weather is lovely - beer is still cheap and he does most of the buying - none of this Dutch milarky - so I aint going to moan - looking forward to grinding my ass in a few clubs if I can persuade him to get off his ass and do something... Love to you all my little kittens !!

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